Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas in Florida

So this year we decided as a family that we have way to many toys, and more clothes than most kids need. So we asked our kids if they wanted to write a letter to Santa and tell him to take all our presents to kids that really need them, and we are headed to Florida for Christmas this year! We are so excited if you don't know, we love Florida and try to make it there as much as possible. This will make it 3 times this year for CJ and I, and twice this year for my kids. We have some really great friends down there CJ met on his mission that we consider family. So I hope the weather will be nice for us down there. We are going to do something new this time and drive to Miami which we have never been to yet, I am super excited! We are definitely going to miss our families here but just felt like it would be a good opportunity for my kids to see something else besides presents this year. We will take lots of pictures to post when we get back we will leave Christmas Day and come back New Years Day!!