Friday, April 15, 2011

Poor Boy

Last week we had a little incident where Treyson got pushed off the bunk bed ladder. He cried about his arm hurting, but could move it and do things with it so we figured it was just sore and he would be o.k. Well a week later he was still complaining of his arm so I took him in on Thursday. Yep it was fractured, I felt so bad for him. So he now gets to rock this cute little cast for 3 weeks!

Young Entrepreneurs

So my kids last weekend realised all their for fun money was getting pretty low, and this is what I came out to on Saturday. The funny thing is I told them they wouldn't make any money, because we don't live on a busy street. Well they proved me wrong... about $10 later they figured they had enough for fun money for the week! So embarrassing!! The joys of having a child that can write on his own. (even if it isn't spelled the correct way) The funny thing is I told them they couldn't charge 50 cents for little candies, and Jaeden said yes mom it was $50 but dad said that was to much.

Jaeden's feild trip

I got the chance a couple weeks ago to go with Jaeden's first grade class on their field trip to Snow Canyon Park. I asked Jaeden if it was o.k. if I went with him because at the first of the year they went on a field trip to a play, and he did not want me to go with him. :( sad huh! Well this time he was o.k. with me going. I really had a great time having that time with just me and him. I get that with the other two kids a lot more because they aren't at school all day. Thanks Jaeden for a fun time! Can't wait to do the swimming field trip in May!