Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BIG egg breakfast

This last weekend we went to Zion to go on a hike and get away from everything. Well on our way there we saw a sign advertising ostrich eggs for sale. CJ asked if he could buy one on the way back sure I told him whatever I figured it couldn't be that much for an egg so whatever. Well we had a blast in Zion we took our neighbors twin boys that are the same age as Jaeden and have blond hair like Jaeden, so while we were hiking with 5 kids 6 and under we were getting some funny stares. Finally some guy said, are they triplets? Are you crazy!?! Ha ha I guess I got to see how Lisa lives for just one afternoon. :) We left in time for a St Patricks parade they had in Springdale. We sat at the start of the parade where there were few people, so the kids got loads of candy. They had so much fun the parade added that much more to it. So we headed for home and CJ remembered about that egg he wanted, we pulled in just as a lady was leaving she asked if we wanted an egg we told her we wanted to buy one for CJ to eat. We grabbed our egg for $12 and were off for home again the whole way home CJ couldn't get over the size of this egg, Treyson wouldn't stop crying because he wanted to hold the egg, I think he thought it was a ball so every time he would see it he would scream! Well for Sunday breakfast they made green eggs and ham out of this HUGE egg CJ drilled the egg on both sides, blew out the inside can you believe how much stuff was in it? It filled up the whole Tupperware bowl. Sick I know so after it was hollowed we let Treyson play with the egg. He loved it! Until he threw it on the tile and broke the egg! Then it was back to screaming because I took the egg and threw it away. So this egg fed CJ, Jaeden, Avery, Treyson, and the neighbors. I myself would not try the thing no mater what everyone else said! But I guess it was a fun experience for the family!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break in Vegas

This spring break was pretty boring, we didn't do much because the weather was so crappy. So once the weather got a little better I decided I was going to take my kids down to Las Vegas to play for the day. Well CJ said there was no way he could take work off to go, so I asked my sister MaryJo if her and her kids wanted to head down with us. I can always count on MaryJo for a good quick road trip so off we went. Well we stopped in Mesquite for CJ to take Treyson since we didn't have enough seats for him, and I knew it would be crazy trying to take all the kids, and the baby. After we dropped him off we headed down I wanted to take the kids to FAO Schwartz we pulled into valet and got out for the parking guy to tell us it has been closed for about a month! WHAT! I love FAO Schwartz it is the funnest toy store. So we headed to the M&M factory on our way we stopped at the cupcakery for a little treat!
We then went to the M&M and Coke stores got a few pictures and then headed to the Excalibur for the kids to play in the arcade. I think the kids had more fun going on the tram, escalators, elevators, and moving side walks but overall I think it was an o.k. trip. Better than sitting at home watching TV all day. Thanks MaryJo for you and your kids coming down with us lets do it again. Next time with a little better planning, and maybe a little better driver! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So for about the last year I have been really interested in learning how to do the housewife, homemaking things. I was thinking of my dad dying so early, and it kind of scared me to think if anything happened to my mom I wouldn't have learned all the things I needed or wanted to know how to do. So I decided I would try hard to learn the things I love that my mom can do. So I started with baking bread, if any of you have had my moms bread you know what I mean. (CJ told my mom she couldn't die until I had learned that one) Well I can now make bread, so the second was to sew, I started easy with little pajamas and things like that. I have now made pj's, slippers, blankets, skirts, hemmed CJ's pants, and a few other projects. Well I decided I wanted to make Avery a skirt. I needed some knit material which I usually go "borrow" from my moms house but she isn't home right now so I went looking through our closets since it is just T-shirt material I found a shirt that CJ doesn't wear and decided to chop it up. I ended up making a skirt, leggings, and bow all out of that one shirt! I am so proud of myself and I did it with only a little help on the phone from my mom. Thanks mom for learning these talents so that you could pass them on to your children. I am really so impressed by the so many things my mom can do, and I hope that I can learn a few of these things from her!