Friday, January 22, 2010

Daytona Beach

For my Flashback Friday picture today it is of Avery when we went to Florida in April of 2008. We were at Daytona beach just letting the kids play around this was one of my favorite pictures from that day. It was so funny because we try to go to Florida as often as we can and we would spend all this money on the theme parks and stuff that as parents we think our kids need to do to have a good time, but they always just loved to go play at the beach next time we will remember that, and save ourselves the time and money!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Breakfast with the stars

So while we had MaryJo's kids we made breakfast for them before we went to Panguitch and this is what we had at our breakfast party. Snow White, Cinderella, Leonardo, and Yoda. Never a dull moment at the Somerville house! The kids wore these costumes all day even when we stopped at Wendy's for dinner.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow much fun

On Sunday we watched Ben and MaryJo's kids. So we decided we would take them up to Panguitch to check on our house, and let them play in the snow. If you can't tell we are not used to snow! The kids only lasted outside for maybe 10-15 minutes, except Kyler he stayed out the whole time. Since he was the only one to stay out CJ told him he could go sledding well we didn't have a sled so this is what they made. Thanks MaryJo for leaving your kids with us, we had such a great time with them!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pledge of Allegiance

I was up late last night on the computer so I could scan a receipt in for one of our friends and email it to him. I have never done this so when I went to scan it in it said scan it on a memory device. I was to lazy to walk out to my car where I had left my camera so I dug through my drawers and found an sd card my friend gave me at Christmas. She had told me they had it forever from when I took pictures of them like 4 yrs ago while her husband was in Iraq. So I used it,but didn't even import the pictures or anything I did a little blog reading and at about midnight started thinking, I wonder what is on that card so I opened the pictures and this was the first thing I saw. I really was in tears when I saw this, Cj and I were just talking about this time in our life's the same friend that had my card taught Jaeden the pledge of allegiance, her husband is in the army so she said when her kids could talk they would teach them the pledge. I told CJ we didn't have this recorded, so I had to rip him out of bed and show him what I had found.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flashback Friday

I know it's not quite Friday but I had time tonight, and who knows what tomorrow will bring? But my sister in law Melissa used to do this flashback Friday thing where she would post a picture of something from the past and post about it every Friday I thought where I have so many pictures I haven't posted about, it would be fun for me to do! So this first one is from Oct 2009 for Conference weekend we decided to head up to our Panguitch house to getaway, and take the kids fishing. We borrowed our neighbors boat and brought it up with us because we never catch anything when we would go to Panguitch Lake and fish off the shore.
It was so much fun! Well at least I thought. The baby wasn't cooperating very well, he was
crawling all over the boat or crying. So after about 10 min CJ had had it! But I told him I was not coming all the way up with that boat to turn around and be done. So we stuck it out, and it payed off. The baby finally fell asleep. So we put him under a little cover on the boat and continued fishing. Finally after about an hour of fishing in the freezing cold CJ caught our first fish on Panguitch Lake! Yeah, maybe it's because we decided to turn conference on and listen to the Saturday session and eat oreos and milk? Who knows... But we had a great time and finally caught a fish what more could we ask for?!?

Yes that's oreo all over Avery anybody that knows her knows she's my little pig!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Late Christmas Post

I wasn't going to post about Christmas because I was late but I decided after looking at the pictures I had I wanted to remember it, so what they hey better late than never I guess! This Christmas Eve we really didn't do much we spent the night finishing up neighbor gifts then we were off to visit papa Jae since it is his Birthday on Christmas Eve. We took his present over to him and visited with CJ's parents for a little while. Then we decided we had better get back so the kids could open pajamas and get to bed.
When we pulled in I told the kids to get ready so we could open one gift. Avery ran inside, When I walked in she was tearing open some random gift. I yelled what are doing? She said this is my gift I wanted to open. I said Avery you don't get to choose you open the one I give you. I guess next time I should specify.
So we opened our pajamas Grandma Barney gave us, the kids loved them. Then they got ready for bed so Santa would come. This year Santa decided to leave Christmas upstairs in our new bonus room/play room the kids didn't know this so when they woke up there was only a few presents under the tree CJ and I were sure we would wake up to some disappointed kids but to my surprise Avery came running in yelling, he came he really came! It really almost made me cry my kids were happy with a couple of books and two games that were under the tree! So we came out and told them those gifts were from us and we walked over to the stairs where Santa had left a note for the kids. They both ran upstairs and were shocked to see all the stuff he had really left them.

So we played with gifts and then my whole family came over for breakfast. I didn't get pictures but we had a good time, and a lot of good food! After they left we went and saw our friends the Adams and Roundy's and dropped them off a game then headed over to CJ's parents for Christmas with them and dinner for his dad's B-day! We got fun gifts there too which of course I forgot to take pictures of but at least I got some pictures of Christmas. And that is a quick wrap up of our Christmas 2009! Hope everyone else had a great one too!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My wonderful husband turned 29 yesterday, So Crazy! I have known CJ since he was 18 so it's so weird to celebrate each new year with him because I still picture him this teenager. Maybe it's because he still acts like a teenager, so I think next year will be a hard year for me I can't imagine being married to a 30 yr old! :0 I just wanted him to know how much I love him!

29 things about CJ

- he has lived in Washington his whole life except for 2yrs in Florida
- his favorite food is prime rib
- he usually never gets embarrassed
- he has 2 brothers and 1 sister
- he would love a new camaro
- he gives the best massages
- he usually forgets everything
- he has 3 trucks, 3 cars, a sand rail, four wheeler, ranger, dirt bike, motor home and still would want more toys!
- he hates when guys treat girls bad
- he is super sweet and has bought me a dozen roses each year for our anniversary, we are going on 7 this year
- he is a hard worker
- he can eat almost a whole package of oreos in 1 sitting
- he used to have a mullet
- he went to Florida on his mission
- he would love to speak Spanish
-he is obsessed with sunglasses
- he loves the sand dunes
- he loves his family more than anything
- he has red hair and blue eyes
- he still has his truck from when he was 16 his 1976 Chevy luv
- he has a tank with a salamander, turtle, toad, crawdad, and fish, he has always loved critters!
- he likes to scare people
- he loves reading his scriptures
- he is in the young men's presidency
- he is super strong
- he is ticklish
- he would do almost anything for anyone
- he has worked for snap-on for 8 yrs. and owned his own franchise for almost 5 yrs.
- he can't dance without looking ridiculous

anyone who knows CJ knows he is amazing! I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man I love you CJ hope you had a Happy Birthday!