Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year 2011

So we were still in Florida for New Years so we went to dinner with some friends of ours and then headed back to our hotel for a party they were having there. It was pretty lame but oh well it was free. My kids loved it though they met some new friends, and just had a great time playing around, getting their face/body painted, and they had a magician. CJ and I stayed up all night because we flew out that morning at 5:30 so we figured it wouldn't do any good trying to sleep a couple hours. Man were we tired on our flight home. Happy New Year!

   Treyson kept flirting with this girl it was so funny he wouldn't leave her alone.
                      Could they find anymore places to paint?

                                            CJ, Ivan, and Sis. P

Pictures finally

So I finally am posting pictures of our Florida trip. I know I am so behind it is so hard keeping up with everything! We had such a great family vacation as usual and Miami was a neat experience. I will hopefully soon post our New Years pictures from Florida and be caught up with my pictures from that.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ThThTh Thirty!!!

I can't believe it!! My husband has dreaded this day ever since I can remember. He felt like he really was old and there was no turning back when he hit 30. Well it's official My husband is an old man!! :) I think he had a very depressing day today... J/K We love you CJ hope you had a great day I still love you even if your an old fart. Happy Birthday!
I think this is how he has felt all day!!

From this to this in 3 days!

So Florida was amazing after the first few cold days it got into the 70's how nice is that. So this is what my kids were doing on there Christmas break!

3 days later at home they were doing this.

Oh how I miss Florida already...