Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Youth Conference in Moab

This year CJ and I were called to be in charge of our wards youth conference. We were really excited because we were going to Moab rafting, and to Arches National Park. We had such a great time, the kids were so fun, we had a blast here are some pictures from our trip!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

So I feel bad I didn't get this posted yesterday, but I wanted to make sure I still did it just so I can let C.J. know what an amazing father he is! C.J. has always been awesome with kids, my nephews and his niece loved uncle C.J. so I knew that my kids would feel the same way about their dad. He was great the second Jaeden was born, I don't think I ever changed one diaper of any of our kids in the hospital, he was always so willing to just jump right in and do it. He takes such good care of our family and makes sure we are taken care of before himself. My kids are always excited when dad comes home because he is the one that loves to wrestle around and play with them. (He still acts like a kid himself, it's no wonder they love him) But I want to tell him how thankful I am for all he does for us, we love him sooo much and I am truly blessed to have married such a wonderful man! Happy Fathers day C.J., hope you had a great one we love you!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Papa's Beach'N Boat

So this year for Fathers Day we decided that for CJ's dad we were going to finish his boat in his back yard that he burried ohh 8yrs. ago for a playground for the grandkids. So all of the kids came over and we started working from 10:30 a.m. until about 8:30p.m.  We had gravel brought in skrewed up the peices on the boat that were falling apart, ripped out the cushions to wash, and cleaned it all up. I have to admit the whole time I was wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. In the back of the boat the floor had two big holes where the motors used to be. We cut a board out to cover the holes, and covered it with a shower curtain modge podged it on (or hodge podge if you ask Crystal :) It looks like a glass bottom boat scene it turned out great! Well Jae showed up around 8:30 and the look on his face made the whole day of grueling work all worth it! If you know my father in law he has many toys, and is really hard to buy for so we thought this would be a great gift that money can't buy. We named the boat Papa's Beach'N Boat because it sounds like something he would say! I had a great time with everyone, even if it was work Happy early Fathers Day Jae we love you so much!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Clearwater Beach

Our final beach we went to was Clearwater Beach. My brother-in-law went to this area on his mission and he told me this was his favorite beach, so we had to give it a try. Well it was really busy and there was a lot of little beach shops along the way the water was nice and Treyson loved the sand. The kids loved this boat that looked like a pirate ship, and there was the most amazing ice cream shop ever it's called coneheads and it has this soft serve ice cream with a flavor blast you pick up to 3 flavors and it swirls them in and man oh man was it Yummy! I'm not even a huge ice cream fan and I enjoyed it, so if your ever on the west coast of Florida you should give it a try!
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The World's most unique McDonalds

We went to a huge McDonald's in Orlando it is the most unique McDonald's, I actually saw it on a TV show that was showing different McDonald's. This McDonald's has the biggest play place it's like a huge arcade upstairs the kids had a blast playing all over the toys. Treyson had fun in the toddler play area climbing all over the frog and crawling through the tunnel.
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peacock chasing & gator watching

I wanted to finish up our Florida trip before CJ and I go back in Aug. so this day we went to Lake Apopka I really wanted to see an alligator before we left so CJ told me at this lake he always saw gators, when we got there a peacock was walking around, the kids thought it would be funny to chase him, CJ thought it would be funny taking pictures of it! After the kids got tired of not catching it we walked down to the lake. Sure enough there were alligators you could hear them in the weeds and see them in the water, in the middle of the lake was a 12-15 ft. one, the ranger that was there told us that one has been there for a while. It was kind of creepy feeling listening to them all around and being that close, but it was cool to get to see them in the wild.
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