Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girls weekend

This last weekend I got to take a girls weekend and go to the IBS (international beauty show) in Las Vegas. I went with my friend Jackie, her sister Jenny, and Jackie's two co-workers Kristie and Heather. It was so much fun I drove down so I went and picked everyone up around 12:30 on Saturday. We drove straight to the mall when we got to Vegas had a quick lunch and we were off shopping! This I was excited for because it is so much nicer to shop without kids. After going to every store we wanted to, and I had bought something from almost every store I had gone in we left to go to our hotel. We stayed at the Springhills Marriott it's a new hotel that hasn't even been open a year, and it was super nice. Some of the girls were off to swim for an hour, but I stayed in my room and tried on all my new clothes to make sure I liked them.
Once they were done we all got ready to go out to dinner. On the way down we had talked about going to Joe's crab shack. Well we asked the front desk where the closest one was he told us Caesars Palace so we headed there we walked up to a man that said they only take reservations. (What kind of Joe's is this) not to mention he was wearing a suit and almost everyone eating there was nicely dressed. I was planning on a big seafood dinner with the bib and all. I looked at the sign and it just said Joe's seafood yeah wrong place, but he said that he could get us in so we thought we would give it a try. The food was good but for 5 of us to eat the ticket was almost $300.00 wow next time I will look a little harder for the Joe's crab shack!
We then went back to the hotel to drop Jenny off and we headed to Treasure Island to watch Cirque Du Soleil Mystere. It was so awesome, I have never seen a Vegas show and this was definitely weird, but really good! two of the girls left from there and went back to the hotel, Jackie, Kristie, and I were off to play in Vegas a little longer. We drove down the strip, and people watched went to a couple of stores, and by that time it was 2:30 a.m. so we decided we were ready to head back to go to bed. Well I was starving again by this time so me and Jackie bought some munchies at the hotel lobby (hot pockets, candy bar, and water) we went up to our room to cook them, woke Jenny up doing it. Then we stayed up a little longer eating our food, and laughing at anything, and everything you know when you get that tired everything is so funny! I had so much fun, I haven't had a sleepover with Jackie since we were probably in high school.
We woke up bright and early to get ready for the hair show and go have breakfast in the hotel Jackie and I thought it would be a good idea to wear our pajamas down to breakfast, well we were the only ones out of about 30 people in our pj's it was a little awkward I thought. But oh well I knew I would never see these people again. We went to the hair show had an amazing time shopping there again for great deals, I left there with a few bags and boxes. I am so glad now that I went I was worried about leaving my husband and kids alone, but it was definitely a needed getaway! Thanks girls for letting me come and tag along, and thanks CJ for being Mr. mom for the weekend I love you so much and really had a great time lets do it again next year!! I didn't get a lot of pictures because my camera is bigger, and I didn't want to tote it around everywhere but these are the few I did get!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Avery's 5

I'm a little late at posting this and I know I am a horrible mom, and I didn't get pictures of the fun day but I figure I better post it or I'll never remember it! So it started Saturday morning CJ woke up early to go to Albertsons to grab her some flowers and a balloon. (I had recieved flowers a few days before and she was commenting on how much she liked them, so we figured she would love them for her big day!) So she woke up first thing and saw the flowers and balloon sitting in her bedroom. She then must have woke Jaeden up because they both came in and said they thought the Easter bunny, or Santa had left them! :)
We then let her have her presents we had gotten for her. Just to let you know, her Grandma Somerville let her borrow The Wizard of Oz and ever since then, she has been obsessed! So I found the Wizard of Oz barbies on ebay they are from 1996, and I know a real barbie collector might think I'm crazy but I bought her Dorthy, Glinda, and the tin man and let her open them to play with. She loved them! CJ bought her a little princess paio set thing with table,chairs, and an umberella.
Her dad made her breakfast of her choice french toast, and bacon. Then we were off to do some running around for CJ. We let Avery pick what she wanted to have for dinner her choice was Texas Roadhouse. She wanted to sit on the saddle how funny I know and she loves steak! After dinner we went to Fiesta Fun and the kids got to play on the kiddie karts, we raced on the go carts, and they played in the arcade. It has been a long time since we have gone there and played so it was a lot of fun to just go there and hang out with the family. Avery had a great Birthday Thanks everyone for making it a good one she was so spoiled by all of her friends and family!! It makes me happy to know she has so many people that love and care about my little girl.
I wanted to post a few pictures of Avery I was so excited when I found out I was having this little girl. When she was born she was so perfect and beautiful I love having my little girl and even though there is a lot of trying times with her, I can't imagine my life without her. We love you so much Avery and hope you had a wonderful 5th Birthday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


For Easter we got to spend it with both families on Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt at my aunts house, it's kind of became a tradition! Thanks Ren and Mel!! The kids got a load of candy, it honestly looked like they had been Trick-Or-Treating. After that we had pizza and CJ had to head to the priesthood session that's why he was in his church clothes. When he got home we went over to CJ's parents and let the kids dye eggs. They had such a good time doing that. I didn't get pictures because I forgot my camera. CJ's uncle John and aunt Kristin and their kids were there so my kids got to play with them and they had such a good time!
On Sunday we went to CJ's parents for breakfast and had Tova's famous whole wheat waffles! They are soo yummy! The kids played with the cousins and then we were off to our house to have lunch there with my family. It was a fun, busy, quick weekend but we had a great time! Hope everyone else had a good Easter too!