Monday, May 31, 2010


So today Cj and I got to go down with his friend Steve to pick up a UFC hummer from Randy Couture. Well if you know our family, we are huge UFC fans, and Randy is one of CJ's favorite fighters. So when Steve asked if CJ wanted to go help pick it up at his house, he was stoked! I asked CJ if Steve would let me tag along and he said that would be fine, so I also got to go. So we headed down around 10:00 this morning and I guess we were just going to do a quick grab the hummer, and drive back trip. Well Steve accidentally started the hummer and shut the door locking the keys in it! So I called a locksmith and got one coming as soon as they could get there, long story short Steve had to get back to his dogs, so me and CJ got to stick around and drive the hummer home. Randy was getting ready to go train and said if I needed anything to give him a call, and he gave me his cell phone number!! Then he said go ahead inside while you wait there's some people in there but make yourself at home. We walked in to Karo Parisyan another fighter, and a guy named Jay Glazer a sports broadcaster, and the host of Pros vs Joe he is also a business partner with Randy. We went in got to hang out with Karo and Jay made Karo some easy mac and cheese snacked out on Randy's food and then went to grab some lunch with them at McDonalds. They were super nice, and we had a great time!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cocoa Beach

So the next beach was Cocoa Beach we went to a restaurant right on the beach then headed down to hang out and have some fun. We rented a body board so the kids could play in the ocean we had a blast on it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daytona Beach

So the next beach we hit up was Daytona it is fun because you can drive your car right on the beach. The kids had tons of fun playing in the waves. Treyson had fun chasing the birds, and
playing in the sand.

Mothers Day in Florida

getting ready for church

view from the hotel was an awesome swamp

So after we got to Florida we were all so exhausted we grabbed some dinner checked into our hotel and went to bed. We woke up super early Sunday morning, CJ wanted to take us 2 hours away to go to church at a branch in a little town called Okeechobee. I had never been to a branch, and have lived in Utah my whole life well we walk in to be welcomed by 3 people who are asking us ?'s like where were from were we just visiting, and then having me write all our names down so they could introduce us in sacrament meeting. When CJ told them who he was most of them remembered him he had served there about 9 yrs ago on his mission. There was probably only 15 people there including us, the introduced us all by name, and my kids were the loudest ones there, I think were used to being drowned out by 30 other kids in our ward! I have to say it was an amazing experience to go to something like that, the people there were so sweet. I love the people in the church outside of Utah they just have this amazing spirit I don't know how to explain it, they are just so real! So we left after sacrament to head over to the west coast. CJ forgot my camera and I was soo sad because I really wanted pictures of this day. We drove about another 2 hrs. until we hit Sarasota FL. we went to Lido beach, met up with some of our friends there, had an amazing buffet with shrimp, prime rib, just tons of yummy amazing food our few was on like the 19th floor looking right over the Gulf Coast it was awesome! After lunch our family headed to the beach. It was the nicest beach I have ever been to. The water felt like a warm bath tub, we played for hours then went back to the hotel and swam in the pool until the sun sat it was the best mothers day ever!! Thank you Ivan and sis. P and CJ I loved it so much!!
Sunset picture on Lido beach taken with my phone

Florida 2010

(on the way to Las Vegas)
So my computer was broke for a while and I couldn't blog these any sooner hopefully I can remember what all the pictures are. We left for LV to fly out on Friday evening our flight was to fly out at 1:00 a.m. well the day before I guess the airlines merged, and while we sat and fell asleep by the united ticket booth everyone else was down at the continental booth getting ready to fly out. By the time we realized the United booth wasn't opening it was too late yep we missed our freaking red eye flight! The raunchy lady at the counter told us to come back tomorrow to catch the 6:30 a.m. flight. Are you joking me? So we headed up to try to get some sleep in the truck well Treyson luckily was already asleep, Jaeden and Avery whined and fought for about 30 min until CJ said I'm done we will go drive around. So we left the parking lot had to pay for parking, and went to a gas station by the time we got there the other 2 kids were out. What a waste of money so we grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to the parking garage well we got a little sleep woke up at 5:0o and made sure we were at the ticket booth on time! Long story short we made the plane had some o.k. flights, the kids were pretty good but we always seemed to get split up. On one flight I started crying because CJ and Treyson were next to each other a few rows back Jaeden and Avery were by themselves, and a few rows back there I was and I couldn't see either of them without standing up. Not to mention some creepy old guy offered to switch someone so he could sit next to my other kids and he told me not to worry he would take care of them. He wouldn't switch me seats because he said he had a bad leg and had to be on the aisle seat. Well I was being watched over some nice lady sat down next to me right before we were ready to go she looked at me and asked what was wrong if I was separated from my family. Well I broke down in tears and told her my sob story her and the guys next to me offered to take my kids seat and let them come sit by me!! Thanks you to the two of those super nice people that gave up their seats for me to have my kids by me. That flight went well kids slept... Finally in Florida! YAY (rest of trip to come)
(Yes that is a ring pop in his mouth, and oreo all over his face, I know I'm the best mom! Anything to keep him from screaming on the flight)