Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Were Moving!!

No this isn't a post to let you know I'm going private we are really moving! This has been a lot of our craziness going on lately things have been really quick but in Aug. we started talking about moving, then in Oct. it was official we decided it was right for us and we were going to do it. We told our families conference weekend but things needed to be on the D.L. with the snap-on business but we are leaving in about 5 or 6 weeks so I think it's ok to tell now. CJ will be officially done with snap-on on Jan. 16th, so crazy he has been doing this for 10 years! Ever since he got home from his mission this has been his job so it's going to be weird doing something else. We have sold almost everything and will pack up and drive our motor home cross country to Florida! Yes that's right we are moving to a small town called Okeechobee Florida. The name even sounds redneck huh! I am super excited, sad, nervous, and very emotional about this change I have never moved more than a few miles away my whole life so this is so out of my comfort zone. But I guess I'm ready for a new adventure my family is still young enough that they are o.k with it and we plan on coming back in 3 or 4 years so it's not permanent. I love Florida and am excited to be so close to the ocean and try something new, but I've never lived away from family and I'm super sad about that I have really enjoyed having both our families right here close to us. So I am going to try to update my blog a lot more so I can keep my family posted on things going on with my family Ready or not here we come!

          This is our friends Sunny and Norma this picture is in Okeechobee that's where they live.
            CJ taught Norma on his mission and Sunny baptised her they are awesome people.

I can't believe he's 8

So it's been forever since I've posted anything. Things have been really busy and super crazy around here! So Dec.3rd Jaeden got baptised I can't believe how fast these 8 yrs. have gone by. I remember when he was a baby some friends of ours had a daughter getting baptised I thought wow you know your getting old when you have a child old enough for that... Well here I am and yes I feel super old! It was such an awesome day though we had a lot of friends and family at his baptism I think about 70 or so. CJ baptised and confirmed him it's really neat watching my little boy grow up even though that means I'm groing up too! Jaeden I am so proud of your decision! We love you so much!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My 28th in Lake Powell

So I know it's been forever since I have posted. Things have been so busy around here, but I decided I'd better post these things or I never will. So for my Birthday my husband took me to Lake Powell. It was just our own little family. We had such a great time we got a new boat a week or two before we went so we were super excited to take it out. The first day was absolutely beautiful, we took a nice day trip out to dangling rope and to the marina's well we decided to head back and it was a good idea because on our way to the marina we were driving back in huge waves, then it started raining. Right as we hit the marina there was a down pour for about 30 min. The next day we went fishing for a little bit, we suck at fishing but I really like it. I guess I was lucky because I caught the only fish yeah! Thanks to everyone that called or text me to wish me a Happy Birthday I had so many, and it made me feel so special on my Birthday! Thanks CJ, Jaeden, Avery, and Treyson I had a great time I love you guys!

my kiddo's
my fish (CJ tried to get me to hold it but I couldn't)
Treyson just hanging out
It's not a great lake Powell trip unless someone passes out on the boat :)
just chillin
Me and my hubby!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Poor Boy

Last week we had a little incident where Treyson got pushed off the bunk bed ladder. He cried about his arm hurting, but could move it and do things with it so we figured it was just sore and he would be o.k. Well a week later he was still complaining of his arm so I took him in on Thursday. Yep it was fractured, I felt so bad for him. So he now gets to rock this cute little cast for 3 weeks!

Young Entrepreneurs

So my kids last weekend realised all their for fun money was getting pretty low, and this is what I came out to on Saturday. The funny thing is I told them they wouldn't make any money, because we don't live on a busy street. Well they proved me wrong... about $10 later they figured they had enough for fun money for the week! So embarrassing!! The joys of having a child that can write on his own. (even if it isn't spelled the correct way) The funny thing is I told them they couldn't charge 50 cents for little candies, and Jaeden said yes mom it was $50 but dad said that was to much.

Jaeden's feild trip

I got the chance a couple weeks ago to go with Jaeden's first grade class on their field trip to Snow Canyon Park. I asked Jaeden if it was o.k. if I went with him because at the first of the year they went on a field trip to a play, and he did not want me to go with him. :( sad huh! Well this time he was o.k. with me going. I really had a great time having that time with just me and him. I get that with the other two kids a lot more because they aren't at school all day. Thanks Jaeden for a fun time! Can't wait to do the swimming field trip in May!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I did it!

So, for a long time now I have wanted to run a race. So about a month or so ago I signed up for the biggest loser 5K. I love the show, and there was going to be contestants from previous seasons running the race. So today was the big day. I was so nervous all morning long just thinking about running this thing, I am not sure why. I knew I could finish it, and I wasn't trying to win because I knew I would never be one of the first 3. But I just wanted to finish it with a time I would be happy with. I went into the race shooting for a 30 min. flat  and I finished it in 30 min. and 3 sec. I was a little sad, because I really wanted to get a little under but I guess it's o.k. I technically haven't ran since high school cross country. (and the only reason I joined that was because it was a co-ed sport, and I loved the idea of bus rides with hot boys!!) Just being totally honest. But I am glad I did it I had a lot of fun it was really cold, and I don't think my body ever warmed up but I still had a blast. It was also fun because my friend Josie ran it too. So it was nice having someone I knew with me!