Sunday, February 28, 2010

My baby is 1

Yesterday was Treyson's Birthday! I can't believe how fast that year flew by, I know that everyone always says that but really it went so fast I feel like I just had him! Treyson we love you so much, you have brought so much joy to our family!! I know I was so scared when I found out I was pregnant with you, I think I was almost disappointed to be having another baby I had set in my mind that our little family was complete with just my little boy and little girl. The second I met you I felt so guilty for ever thinking I didn't want you. You complete our family and we couldn't be any happier! Happy Birthday Treyson We Love You!
Treyson @ 1 yr. old
- He has outgrown his milk allergy
- He is such a daddy's boy
- He head bangs to dance
- He can throw a ball really good
- He can climb up and down our stairs
- He finally sleeps through the night most nights now
- Oreos are his favorite food (very nutritious I know)
- Cars and balls are his favorite toys
- He says mom, dad, no, yum yum, but his favorite is to just scream at what he wants

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Valentines weekend

Well we had a good time at Dumont sand dunes for Valentines weekend. Except the first day we got there no longer then an hour after we arrived one of the guys we were camping with went out for the first ride and rolled his buggy end over end like 5 times! This is what was left. Luckily, he wasn't hurt too bad and they were able to stay the rest the weekend.

My Kids got lots of riding in on their bikes they had such a good time playing int the dirt, and just being kids! Jaeden also got to take his training wheels off his dirt bike. He didn't really need his training wheels, we just kept them on so if he tipped over, the bike wouldn't smash him under it. I was so sad when CJ took the training wheels off, it just reminds me just how quickly my kids are growing up!

Anyways we had a great time and I am super excited to go to Glamis after Christmas to New Years this next year. We always have such great family time at the sand dunes.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Corbin Owens

Mitch and McKayle had their new baby Corbin tonight at 5:23 p.m. he weighed 6lb. and is 18in. long he was four weeks early has lots of dark hair and is super cute congrats guys on such a cute baby I just love him!

Monday, February 8, 2010

7 Years

CJ and I celebrated our 7 yr anniversary yesterday. On Saturday CJ's parents took the kiddos overnight for us so we could have a wonderful kid free time! We made a deal that I would spend next week at the Dumont sand dunes for Valentines with him, and his parents would keep the kids so we could have a good anniversary this week. So we dropped them off at about 1:00 after Tova got off work we started by heading off to the mall to do a little shopping. I bought me a new pair of pants, and we both bought new sweat shirts nothing too exciting I know but kid free shopping doesn't happen very often so we took advantage of it. Next I wanted to go test drive a new car. I love new cars and would trade mine in every 6 months if I could. We wanted to test drive the VW Toureg but they didn't have one until March. So we went and test drove a brand new 2010 Cadillac Escalade Super Nice it smelt like a freaking new house instead of new car. (The price tag could buy you a small house too!) We left from there and went to get some new garments since it's been forever since we have bought new ones that was our little present from each other. After that we headed over to eat at the Anasazi steak house. It was So good, we had a cheese fondue, steaks and the chocolate carmel dessert fondue. We were stuffed by the time we left there and decided to head to a movie since we had no kids to be home too. Before the movie started CJ wanted to buy me some new shoes, so we went back to the mall and looked for a new pair. I picked out all the cute high heeled shoes but he wanted me to buy a pair of flats. Well we didn't agree on a pair and I decided I didn't want to spend $100 on a pair of boots so we left to go to the movie. We went a watched Avatar it was SO good I really enjoyed it which surprised me because I figured it was going to be some geeky scifi flick. It wasn't at all I would have to say it is one of my new favorite movies! That was it for our fun anniversary it was just so nice to get to spend some good time with my husband alone it just doesn't happen that often Thanks so much to Jae and Tova for watching our kids It was really nice and they had a great time! CJ also changed his tradition after everyone giving him a hard time for spending so much on the dozens of roses he didn't do it this year he bought me a Tahitian pearl necklace and bracelet instead. When we went to Hawaii in 2007I saw my first Tahitian pearl necklace and fell in love with it but that one was $15,000 a little much for a necklace so CJ bought me one! (It was nowhere near that price) CJ I love you so much! and I'm so proud to call you my husband I'm so excited to spend my eternity with you Happy Anniversary!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine Nightmare

So with the kids Valentines parties just around the corner I decided I had better get going on their cards or whatever we decided to do. I was smart and went shopping about a month ago so I could get the ones that we wanted I bought little bags for Avery to fill with candy, and TMNT cards for Jaeden well Tuesday rolled around and I was looking on line at Valentine ideas and saw these cute alligator Valentines. If any of you know my mom she pretty much engraved it in our heads that you can't skimp out on anything I think her life motto is go all out, or don't do it at all. So I went and picked her up to go copy 40 of these valentines, then the fun came I went to my moms house to get some help cutting all these papers out, glue, and put together. What a joke... Had I thought about all the work it was going to be I think I would have stuck with the cards. But we finished Jaedens today and they turned out so cute I have to say I'm glad I did them now! Thanks mom, Mckayle and Mel for all the help!