Thursday, August 4, 2011

My 28th in Lake Powell

So I know it's been forever since I have posted. Things have been so busy around here, but I decided I'd better post these things or I never will. So for my Birthday my husband took me to Lake Powell. It was just our own little family. We had such a great time we got a new boat a week or two before we went so we were super excited to take it out. The first day was absolutely beautiful, we took a nice day trip out to dangling rope and to the marina's well we decided to head back and it was a good idea because on our way to the marina we were driving back in huge waves, then it started raining. Right as we hit the marina there was a down pour for about 30 min. The next day we went fishing for a little bit, we suck at fishing but I really like it. I guess I was lucky because I caught the only fish yeah! Thanks to everyone that called or text me to wish me a Happy Birthday I had so many, and it made me feel so special on my Birthday! Thanks CJ, Jaeden, Avery, and Treyson I had a great time I love you guys!

my kiddo's
my fish (CJ tried to get me to hold it but I couldn't)
Treyson just hanging out
It's not a great lake Powell trip unless someone passes out on the boat :)
just chillin
Me and my hubby!

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