Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Were Moving!!

No this isn't a post to let you know I'm going private we are really moving! This has been a lot of our craziness going on lately things have been really quick but in Aug. we started talking about moving, then in Oct. it was official we decided it was right for us and we were going to do it. We told our families conference weekend but things needed to be on the D.L. with the snap-on business but we are leaving in about 5 or 6 weeks so I think it's ok to tell now. CJ will be officially done with snap-on on Jan. 16th, so crazy he has been doing this for 10 years! Ever since he got home from his mission this has been his job so it's going to be weird doing something else. We have sold almost everything and will pack up and drive our motor home cross country to Florida! Yes that's right we are moving to a small town called Okeechobee Florida. The name even sounds redneck huh! I am super excited, sad, nervous, and very emotional about this change I have never moved more than a few miles away my whole life so this is so out of my comfort zone. But I guess I'm ready for a new adventure my family is still young enough that they are o.k with it and we plan on coming back in 3 or 4 years so it's not permanent. I love Florida and am excited to be so close to the ocean and try something new, but I've never lived away from family and I'm super sad about that I have really enjoyed having both our families right here close to us. So I am going to try to update my blog a lot more so I can keep my family posted on things going on with my family Ready or not here we come!

          This is our friends Sunny and Norma this picture is in Okeechobee that's where they live.
            CJ taught Norma on his mission and Sunny baptised her they are awesome people.


  1. i'm going to sure miss you all!! dang that means i have to come to Florida to visit!! i'm excited about that!! love you guys!

  2. congrats! how exciting and scary! i was terrified to move away from family friends and everything...(and i know Layton isn't Florida, but still..ha) but everything has a way of working out. I'm sure you'll find you LOVE it there and don't wanna go back to st. george.. ha. :) good luck with everything!!!