Saturday, March 26, 2011

I did it!

So, for a long time now I have wanted to run a race. So about a month or so ago I signed up for the biggest loser 5K. I love the show, and there was going to be contestants from previous seasons running the race. So today was the big day. I was so nervous all morning long just thinking about running this thing, I am not sure why. I knew I could finish it, and I wasn't trying to win because I knew I would never be one of the first 3. But I just wanted to finish it with a time I would be happy with. I went into the race shooting for a 30 min. flat  and I finished it in 30 min. and 3 sec. I was a little sad, because I really wanted to get a little under but I guess it's o.k. I technically haven't ran since high school cross country. (and the only reason I joined that was because it was a co-ed sport, and I loved the idea of bus rides with hot boys!!) Just being totally honest. But I am glad I did it I had a lot of fun it was really cold, and I don't think my body ever warmed up but I still had a blast. It was also fun because my friend Josie ran it too. So it was nice having someone I knew with me!

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